What do my job prospects hold?

The spread: Two of wands, Four of Pentacles, The Sun

Hello Jodie,

Are you prepared to live up to your potential this year and give much more of your energy and focus to your career? If so, this is your year of great success (The Sun). What I see is that for various reasons – primarily family - you have put the needs of others first for quite some time. Whilst you did this out of love, it has nevertheless been quite frustrating. The Two of Wands and Four of Pentacles tell me that you have been working at something that is well beneath your skill level and it is time for that to end.

This year you need to expand your vision and market yourself. Be prepared to “put yourself out there”, either by seeking promotion where you are, or by finding a new job. I also suggest a makeover: a new hairdo and a flattering outfit will work wonders for your self-confidence as well as creating a favourable impression with others. Go for it Jodie, and the Universe will support your efforts. This is your year!

All the best,